Presentations made during gatherings of DGBeheer

On 19th April, Henry Bechelet gave a presentation as part of a workshop durign the meeting at the Kennemer G&CC.

A second presentation as part of another workshop was given by Dr. Andy Owen (ICL) about  sustainable fairway management.

Wilco Wesseling (Green Protech) gave a presentation on new biologic fungicedes (2016).

Wieger van der Spek (Meteo consult) gave  a presentation on the weather in the Nederlands in relation to greenkeeping (2015).

Peter van Erp (Lucel) gave a presentation on leave analysis.

Arthur Wolleswinkel (Barenbrug) made a presentation on the dynamics of grass seed mixes  (2010).

Barenbrug, history and developments2010).

Jeff Collinge started the series with a presentation on the collecting of samples of organic material 2006)

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The relevant aspects for collecting data in order to make them reusable for scientific purposes are explained in this presentation.

In Harrogate 2006 this presentation was given on the Danish initiatives by Chris Haspell, at the time course manager of GC Horsholm.