Seminar NL adviseurs 3 maart 2016

On 3rd March, a seminar was organised by  DGBeheer and NL-adviseurs supported by for about 70 participants. In the morning programme 4 presentations were given an in the afternoon prorgamme 2 workshops were held.

NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-1  NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-5  NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-24  NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-38  NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-47  NynkeArendsFotografie-NLAdviseursMRT16-79

This link leads to the short report which was written in Dutch but it contains links tot the presetnations, some opf which are in English short report and link to the complete presentations