grasbestanden tellen bij Barenbrug jan 2016-1

DuurzaamGolfbaan Beheer (DGB) stands for sustainable green keeping and started as an initiative of Maarten van Ede (former member of the board of the Netherlands Golf Federation) in 2005. The idea was based on the sustainable model of a group of Danish greenkeepers. The introduction of this policy in the Netherlands aimed for preparing Dutch golf courses for a sustainable future. From 2006 until 2012 the first group of Dutch greenkeepers was active in collecting data by monitoring an registering and exchanging experiences. A standard was developed to act as protocol for registrations.

The project was supported by the Netherlands Golf Federation. The Sports Turf and Research Institute (STRI) conducted a yearly analysis of the collected data. Our activities were supported by the company Barenbrug (great in grass).

At present the project has entered a new phase. The way of entering data has been improved and it is now also possible to utilize a smart phone for storing data in the database. This saves time and reduces the risk of wrong registrations. Now we work on improving the presentation of the information. Also a management report will be available in the near future for the president of the green committee and the board. The data are extracted from the database of not only DGB but also from other systems such as EMS, IntoGolf en Proware. The reports gives insights in the running of the golf club. Other reports are feasible to help the greenkeeper in making his decisions. It all depends on the quality of the data collection of course.

From 2014 a new group has started. In the meetings (about 4 per year) exchange of information and broadening of knowledge is achieved. Developments of the system are discussed with the participants. Sharing ideas and vision is the way ahead to make sustainable choices. Based on these experiences, we help each other to start improvement programmes. Successes and problems can be analysed and explained by professional advisors, using the graphics and tables. Each participant has his own set of data protected by passwords. A dashboard is an important part of the system where data are transformed into information.

When reading this has inspired you to participate and you would like to join as a new member of DGB please contact me.